Why the small things are sometimes the most important

Yay! A blog post that’s not being written months after my previous one – I’m happy with that 🙂

So, the last couple of weeks have been interesting. It’s been busy, a bit stressful and at times, not the easiest! But I made it, so that’s worth celebrating. One thing I can say is that even on the most stressful days, the little things can just be the most wonderful surprise.

They have the ability to completely make your day, when you thought it might not actually be possible. And I kind of love how they can just be something so simple and kind but they make such a huge difference. Whether it’s a small gift (you don’t have to spend a lot), a thoughtful message in a card or just a chat at lunchtime, these moments can turn someone’s day around for the better. How lovely is that?

So, just keep that in your mind. I have been so heavily rewarded by some absolutely adorable people in real times of need these past couple of weeks. The gratefulness and love I have for those people is huge because they showed me a selfless act when I couldn’t give them anything in return. Think about how you could truly show someone how much they mean to you (note: they don’t have to be in a time of need for you to treat them).

A special thank you to those who have shown me true kindness recently; you know who you are! I only hope that one day I can show you the same thing.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Clare xx

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