Not the greatest of starts…

Hello again!

So, whilst I said I wasn’t going to stick to a strict schedule with my blogging, I was hoping I could achieve a post more than once every 2 weeks – sorry! These past couple of weeks have been quite hectic (in a good way) and I have had to take some much needed time out for myself this weekend.

… Which actually brings me very nicely onto today’s blog theme.

I want to talk a little bit about listening to your body and giving it what it wants/needs. This is something I will admit I haven’t been the best at in the past – I used to actually enjoy pushing my body (and mind for that matter) to it’s furthest possible point. I used to exercise for 2+ hours most days, whilst working a pretty physical job and sitting my GCSEs alongside this. I know this isn’t rare in this crazy World we live in but at the time, this actually became an addiction.

I am really conscious about not turning this into a full on rant about healthy eating/exercising and the balance. I also don’t want this to come across like I’m trying to stop anyone from exercising or I’m trying to put the spotlight on the exercise World in a negative way. Actually, quite the contrary!

I think we can all remember that time as a 15/16 year old being a particularly tricky one… I personally think anyone who says they sailed through their teens without any issues whatsoever is probably telling a fib. There is a lot of confusion and a lot of responsibility that comes with being a 16 year old – perhaps confusion and responsibility we aren’t quite ready for?

I think I felt as if I was losing control and I think the exercising became something I could control and I liked that. It was also a huge release and I knew it was good for me – so I carried on doing it, going more and more (sometimes even going after a late shift at work). I ignored the signs my body was telling me – that I was too tired to go and that I needed to rest.

I am definitely not trying to say you shouldn’t exercise – it has helped me in more ways than I can even explain. It’s a good thing. All I’m saying is: balance is key. All you have to do is listen to your body and if it’s telling you you’re tired, don’t go.

Not only does this apply to keeping active, but actually in any aspect of your life. Whether you’re a student, a working teen/adult, a full-time parent or whatever, life is really full on and it can be massively taxing. For some, even getting in the shower is hard. And that is completely fine. Do as much as you want to. Just because people around you are doing twice or even three times as much as you, it doesn’t mean you should be doing the same. Work at your own pace, do things your way.

And finally, listen to your body. Feel the emotions it is trying to make you feel. It’s completely okay to say no to things and never ever feel like you need to give an explanation for wanting ‘me time’. After all, you deserve it!

Thank you for reading.

Clare xx

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